North Cape  2008 Info


What about a trip to the

North Cape in summer?



North Cape tour 07.-16.02.2008






Hello aircooled freaks out there,

Once again it’s time to do something that will make your neighbours shake their heads. Every two years sometime in February you can find some guys and gals from the Finnish VW Club (FVWA )

working on their bug’s Eberspachers or Webastos, collecting snowchains and showels in their car…what the heck… ? 


Well, their neighbours have stopped wondering some time ago –these crazy people are going to do it again : they will leave for two weeks, drive to the North Cape in their bugs and come back smiling…


Imagine this, February in Lappland = anything from –45C to +5C…hey instead you could book a flight to Lanzarote or Mallorca – it would even be cheaper ! ! Well, if you have ever planned a trip like that we are glad to help you , and you can tell your neighbours that there are more crazy ones out there somewhere…


There is space for 20 teams only, sorry.



07. - 16.02.2008


The trip is going to start in Oulu (northern Finland) and take you to the North Cape and back.



What car should you take…?

Aircooled VeeDubs are the best -of course you can take any car if it is aircooled…but this is not a MUST. The fun part is the most important.


What´s it going to cost?

To be sure that you are really going to take part we will charge a 50.- Eur / person participation fee. With this sum we will cover the reservation costs for the hotels / motels.

Additionally we will charge a 50.- Eur / person that we will refund in Aavasaksa after the tour is finished.


31.10.2007 final day to let us know that you will take part

Pls send mails to:

After we have checked that there is still place transfer the 100.- Eur to:

Jupeviihde T:mi, 

OP 564173-24467
IBAN:  FI86 5641 7320 0044 67


Each one will have to cover his /her own journey (to and from Finland, gas, equipment, food and so on). We will be your touristguides for 24h a day and of course we will have a small repairshop travelling with us.

What else are you  going to get?

We will be your touristguides for 24h a day and of course we will have a small repairshop travelling with us. During the trip we will offer you the chance to feel the North: You´re going to get the Lapland-baptism*, Certificate for crossing the Polar Circle*, swim in an ice hole (after the sauna) and of course you will get the chance to drive on a lake in your own car…  * = will cost you some £5-10

What we ask from you?

Your car has to be 110% safe and equipped for a trip like this, we will not leave anyone in the cold…but we won´t tow anyone for the 2000 km either…=)! Take care of you as you might have to wait for the road to be clear of snow and mostly the snowplows pass only every two hours…






The schedule :   (FIN = Finland, N = Norway, S = Sweden)        




07.02.   meeting in Oulu (FIN), after that we head to Rovaniemi

08.02. Rovaniemi (FIN), Polarcircle  the official start

08.02. Saariselkä (FIN)

09.02. Inari (FIN)

10.02. Karigasniemi (FIN)

11.02. Skarsvåg (N), evening

12.02. Skarsvåg (N), the Cape calls… **

13.02. Alta (N)

14.02. Enontekiö, Hetta (FIN)

15.02. Aavasaksa (Fin)

16.02. Oulu (FIN) Finish


Oulu - Rovaniemi                       224 km

Rovaniemi - Saariselkä               253 km

Saariselkä - Inari                        64 km

Inari-Karigasniemi                      99 km

Karigasniemi - Skarsvåg            265 km

Skarsvåg - Nordkapp                ~ 10 km

Nordkapp - Skarsvåg                ~ 10 km

Skarsvåg - Alta                         220 km

Alta - Enontekiö                        210 km

Enontekiö - Aavasaksa               267 km

Aavasaksa - Oulu                       310 km

                             Total        1932 km




**  We can ask for the local road maintenance guy to plow the road if we are 50 or more people as it´s going to cost some £800 to get it done. That´s for a mere 13km (7,8 miles)…well and 2,5 metres deep snow.

One year (2000) we rented a snowmobile (the one that takes up to 15 people, Bombardier-type of thing) that was also fun and didn‘t cost a fortune. But as the weather is really unpredictable up there, we have only one way to find out…=)




My good friend Philippe from Canada and me, did half of the trip on skis the next day (5 a.m. …) and it was DEFINITELY worth it!


Who needs a snowplow when you‘ve got skis…

(Road to the Cape, 5.30 a.m., 2000)




If you intend to take the boat from Sweden to Finland (cars & passengers)


Useful stuff, lot’s of links:  


Weather-camera, takes pictures of the finish roads  (updates hourly):


What‘s the weather like in Finland right now? (daily updates):


Pictures of previous North Cape trips in VW‘s (sorry only in Finish) 

The weathergods were kind to us on this trip, temperatures between –5C and +5C (!) and you can notice that on some of the pictures…  (check: KUVAT on the upper left and there: NORDKAPP…picture from the trip 1998it was bloody cold:

 –40C loads of snow, sometimes you really couldn‘t tell if you are on the road or not…)


That‘s all, you will find my e-mail address on this page below, if you should have any questions don‘t hesitate to ask. I will try to answer as soon as possible.






But PLEASE remember this:

This trip is costing us a lot in terms of effort and still we don’t want to see a penny. Also we are not going to drag you to overpriced touristattractions -we  will try to show you Lappland from it’s most beautiful sides….and yes we might have a good party or two (even more =) with our own D.J.! So take care of your equipment as good as possible, I will send out more detailed info on what is useful later.

…and yes we are definitely crazy pulling a stunt like this….


Any questions? Send’ em here: